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Keith servicing a tankless water heater.

Bringing More than Hot Water Efficiency to Colorado

Keith started Hot Water Now after researching and recommending the replacement of a restaurant’s hot water tanks with tankless water heaters. The tankless water heaters would pay for themselves in maintenance and energy savings in a short amount of time. Plus, their long life span would result in lowering equipment replacement costs. Win. Win. Win.

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Keith at This Dream Home

Beyond hot water systems, Keith is an avid camper and an excellent cast iron chef. When he’s not working, you can often find him in the mountains whipping up a gourmet meal for 20 over a campfire.

Realizing the benefits our customers get when a job is well done motivates our team to continue resolving hot water issues. Homes may be similar, but every project is different. The challenge of thoughtful problem solving and matching the right equipment to the application is genuinely rewarding.


It’s easy to underestimate the power contained in the small water heater box hanging on the wall of your basement or crawlspace. That’s why Hot Water Now has spent over a decade specializing in tankless hot water technology and the application of that technology in a region with high altitudes and low ground water temperatures. All our technicians receive factory authorized training in each of the manufacturers we install and service.

Keith at Expo
This Dream House

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Keith’s been invited back to discuss hot water systems and how they impact renovations, remodels, and converting a property into a Dream House. Avoid or navigate common homeowner pitfalls and get expert advice on water heaters.

Keith with tankless units

Keith checking out the latest tankless, hybrid and combi boilers at the Vesta Hot Water Systems booth at AHRI 2019.

Keith owner of hot water now!

Keith at AHRI 2019 Checking out a 3 Million BTU Hurst Boiler. The “Darby” is slightly over 3 million BTU per hour output and serves three facilities totaling over 82,000 square feet. It replaced three fuel oil fired boilers, which are kept in place as backup systems during maintenance of the wood fired system.

Keith owner of Hot Water Now!

Walking the warehouse after tankless water heater and combi boiler training at the Noritz factory in California.

Keith owner of Hot Water Now!

Learning about the new Bradford White tankless water heater at AHRI 2019.

Keith owner of Hot Water Now!

When it comes to well engineered gas line fittings, Keith turns to Viega. Shortly after AHRI they were kind enough to hold a certification class at the HWN shop.

We carry, install, repair and maintain all water heater brands.

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