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Tankless Water Heater Service Wheatridge, Colorado

Tankless hot water heaters are excellent prodocts in Wheatridge, CO! But what do you do when they are not meeting your expectations?

Answer: you call Hot Water Now!. We are extremely well equipped, stocked, and trained to solve your tankless hot water heating frustrations and keep your system in peak working order. Hot Water Now! are the top tankless water heater professionals in Wheatridge, CO. We've seen the successes of tankless & solved the frustrations of customers who have endured the service of less qualified companies. We service, repair & provide warranty services on all tankless brands of tankless hot water heaters.

Call Hot Water Now! to get the most of your tankless water heating system.

Replace 3/8 angle stop to 1/2 inch. Also discovered Recirc pump was unplugged. Plug pump in and checked to see if pump was on correct setting and running unimpeded. Checked recirc at bridge valve, water made temp in close to 30 secs. Checked to make sure unit was also firing after 30 period.

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