Eternal Water Heater Repairs

About Eternal Water Heaters

Introduced to significant acclaim, Eternal Hybrid gas fired water heaters were introduced to the Denver market in 2006. They were a popular choice for Colorado home and business owners because they offered the efficiency of a condensing water system, but operated without the high flow rate restrictions typical of tankless.

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Fast forward to 2014. After several thousand units were sold in the Denver area, it turns out that there were significant problems with the Eternal heat exchanger and controls that resulted in leaks and premature failures. After a year of trying to correct course, Grand Hall, the parent company of Eternal Water Heaters, ceased operations in North American leaving their customers without warranty coverage or technical resources.

Facing the Eternal Challenge: Hot Water Now!

At Hot Water Now!, we have helped dozens of Lakewood, CO area homeowners and businesses with their Eternal Water Heaters.

  • Eternal Water Heater Repair: In some cases, we have the experience and parts to make successful repairs our Eternal Water Heaters. This is generally when they have NOT developed a leak, but are not working properly or are displaying an error code.
  • Eternal Water Heater Replacement: It your Eternal Water Heater develops a heat exchanger leak, it will need to be replaced, and unfortunately without support from the manufacturer their is now warranty on your existing unit.

Replacing Eternal GU Series Water Heaters

Eternal Water Heaters were unique. They had characteristics that made them an attractive choice for owners that needed temporary high hot water flow rates that a traditional tankless water heater cannot match.

When you are replacing an Eternal system, Hot Water Now! has the experience to understand the requirements of your existing system, and recommend the best choice to replace your failed Eternal system. We can ensure that your new system will provide the operating characteristics and efficiency to fully satisfy your requirement and restore your peace of mind.

About Hot Water How!

From our founding in 2007, we have specialized in the proper installation and maintenance of Rinnai, Navien, and Rheem water heaters. We have seen and resolved more tankless water heater challenges than any other company in the Denver market.

All of the technicians at Hot Water Now! are licensed and insured. Our Colorado plumbing license number is PC.0003145
Hot Water Now! comprehensive water heating installation and service to our Colorado neighbors since 2007 and we are more than proud of our A+ rating! for the Lakewood Better Business Bureau.

We carry, install, repair and maintain all water heater brands.

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